Agronomic study in Mozambique

mozLocation:  MOZAMBIQUE
Economic value of project: € 0.3M

Year: from 2006

Sadam Engineering is structured to have the support of the Agronomics Department of Maccaferri Group, consisting of agronomists specialised in establishing and managing agro-industrial supply chains. This group performs research and development, technical support and feasibility assistance for agro-industrial farms in emerging counties. Since 2006, the Agronomics Department has been involved in farming research and development dedicated to electricity production that ensures a low environmental impact and economic sustainability balanced with farming requirements.

In 2009, in collaboration with API Agricom e Powercrop, the Agronomics Department set up an experimental platform in Mozambique with the support of Volcani, a research institute under the direction of the Israeli Agricultural Minister. The project aims to evaluate the production power of better genotypes than Jatropha, a system for producing vegetable oil, and the development of a farming protocol. The study is still underway and includes experimental testing on a surface area of 6,400 hectares.