Continuous vacuum pans for B product

bollLocation: SAN QUIRICO (PARMA)
Economic value of project: € 2.5M
Scope of work: EPCM contract

During the refurbishment of the San Quirico plant in 2009, Sadam Engineering worked to diminish the production variations in crystalline sugar, which occurred along with the washing of the two batteries for the vacuum pans installed in a series. A horizontal continuous vacuum pan for the “B” product was installed that increased the production of crystallised sugar.  

This improved the technology parameters for processing (in particular the molasses quotient) and increased the overall energy efficiency of the crystallisation.

  • 1 FCB continuous vacuum pan in Castiglion Fiorentino of 760 HL;
  • 1 condenser to service the new pan;
  • 1 pump to extract BMA F800 massecuite;
  • 1 pump for BMA 350 magma;
  • 2 pumps for condensation.