Agronomic Study of Tropical Sugar Beet


Location:  ETHIOPIA
Economic value of project: € 0.2M

Year: 2007-2010

At the request of a private industrial group and in collaboration with the Syngenta seed company, a study was conducted between 2007 and 2010 to analyse the possibilities of farming sugar beets in tropical countries, particularly Ethiopia. The varieties provided by Syngenta were tested to verify their productivity and resistance to tropical insects and herbicides. 6 fields were set up with a total surface area of more than 3 hectares and 16 different varieties were tested.

The farming was supervised by an international team, in which SENG technicians were responsible for the agronomic aspects. The daily operations were managed by local technicians selected by the customer. The testing included periodic evaluations until final uprooting, and controls were conducted on the roots and the leaf structure. The study was presented in Addis Ababa before key figures in local politics and business.